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Granite is a hard, coarse-grained rock that makes up a large part of every continent. Granite contains three main minerals - quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar. These minerals make granite white, pink, or light grey. Granite also contains small amounts of dark brown, dark-green, or black minerals, such as hornblende and biotite mica. The grains of the minerals in granite are large enough that they can easily be distinguished.

The minerals in granite are interlocked like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Consequently, granite is a strong and durable which makes it useful for construction.

Geologists classify granite as an igneous rock. The slow cooling and crystallization of molten material called magma forms most granite. Magma has the same chemical composition as granite. It forms from rocks that melt 16 to 25 miles (25 to 40 kilometers') below the surface of the continents. These rocks melt at temperatures between 1200' and 1650' F. (650' and 900' C). As the magma rises, it cools. Most granite magma cools slowly enough to form coarse crystals and it solidifies below the earth's surface.

Sometimes granitic magma erupts from volcanoes and cools too quickly to form large crystals. The resulting rock, called rhyolite, has the same mineral composition as granite but is fine grained.
Amazon Star Granite
Amazon Star
Blue Eyes Granite
Blue Eyes
Balmour Red Granite
Balmour Red
Baltic Brown Granite
Baltic Brown
Arctic Blue Granite
Arctic Blue
Emerald Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl
Angolan Black Granite
Angolan Black
Giallo Veneziano Granite
Giallo Veneziano
Azul Aran Granite
Azul Aran
Juparana Sunrise Granite
Juparana Sunrise
Bahama Blue Granite
Bahama Blue
Labrador Antique Granite
Labrador Antique
Saphire Blue Granite
Saphire Blue
Black Galaxy Granite
Black Galaxy
Black Pearl Granite
Black Pearl
Blue Fantasia Granite
Blue Fantasia
Kashmere Gold Granite
Kashmere Gold
Kashmere White Granite
Kashmere White
Madura Gold Granite
Madura Gold
Kashmere White Granite
Kashmere White
Absolute Black Granite
Absolute Black
Tan Brown Granite
Tan Brown
Bordeaux Granite
Copper Canyon Granite
Copper Canyon
Creama Bordeaux Granite
Creama Bordeaux
Delacittus Granite
Delerium Granite
Desert Gold Granite
Desert Gold
Giallo Fiorito Granite
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Napoleone Granite
Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Nathalia Granite
Giallo Nathalia
Giallo Antico Granite
Giallo Antico
Giallo Ornamental Granite
Giallo Ornamental
Giavota Granite
Golden Crystal Granite
Golden Crystal
Golden Silver Granite
Golden Silver
Golden Wave Granite
Golden Wave
Juparana Delacittus Granite
Juparana Delacittus
Juparana Fantastico Granite
Juparana Fantastico
Juparana Nathalia Granite
Juparana Nathalia
Juparana Oro Granite
Juparana Oro
Juparana Gold Granite
Juparana Gold
Key West Gold Granite
Key West Gold
Mascarello Granite
Solaris Granite
Tropical Brown Granite
Tropical Brown
Tropical Treasure Granite
Tropical Treasure
Typhoon Bordeaux Granite
Typhoon Bordeaux
Uba Tuba Granite
Uba Tuba
Yellow River Granite
Yellow River
Amarelo Veneciano Granite
Amarelo Veneciano
Belagio Blue Granite
Belagio Blue
Butterfly Yellow Granite
Butterfly Yellow
Colonial Cream Granite
Colonial Cream
Colonial Dream Granite
Colonial Dream
Colonial Treasure Granite
Colonial Treasure
Desert Amarillo Granite
Desert Amarillo
Desert Gold Granite
Desert Gold
Giallo Antico Granite
Giallo Antico
Giallo Laranjeiras  Granite
Giallo Laranjeiras
Gold Butterfly Granite
Gold Butterfly
 Ivory Fantasy Granite
Ivory Fantasy
Golden Sun Granite
Golden Sun
Juparana Capuccino Granite
Juparana Capuccino
Juparana Delicatus Granite
Juparana Delicatus
Kashimir Gold Granite
Kashimir Gold
Lapidus Gold Granite
Lapidus Gold
Madura Gold Granite
Madura Gold
Ouro Brazil Granite
Ouro Brazil
Yellow Moon  Granite
Yellow Moon
Yellow Oriental Granite
Yellow Oriental
Yellow River Granite
Yellow River
Amarelo Boreal  Granite
Amarelo Boreal
Amber Fantasy  Granite
Amber Fantasy
Antique Brown Granite
Antique Brown
Armstrong  Granite
Atlantic Brown Granite
Atlantic Brown
Bainbrook Brown Granite
Bainbrook Brown
Baltic Brown  Granite
Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown 2 Granite
Baltic Brown 2
Bordeaux Bahia  Granite
Bordeaux Bahia
Bordeaux Noveaux Granite
Bordeaux Noveaux
Cafe Brown Granite
Cafe Brown
Cafe Imperial  Granite
Cafe Imperial
Caledonia  Granite
Carioca Gold Granite
Carioca Gold
Cascadura  Granite
Chinese Sunset Gold Granite
Chinese Sunset Gold
Desert Brown Granite
Desert Brown
Desert Sand Granite
Desert Sand
Desert Storm  Granite
Desert Storm
Dylan Granite
Emperador Dark  Granite
Emperador Dark
Fantastico Granite
Fireworks Granite
Four Seasons Granite
Four Seasons
Gabriella Granite
Giallo Fiorito Granite
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Ornamental Granite
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Veneziano Granite
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Vicenza Granite
Giallo Vicenza
Golden Bordeaux Granite
Golden Bordeaux
Golden Fantasy Granite
Golden Fantasy
Golden Lance Granite
Golden Lance
Golden Oak Granite
Golden Oak
Golden Persa Granite
Golden Persa
Golden Queen Granite
Golden Queen
Golden Ray  Granite
Golden Ray
Golden River  Granite
Golden River
Golden Rustic Granite
Golden Rustic
Juparana Colombo Granite
Juparana Colombo
Golden Summer Granite
Golden Summer
Golden Taupe Granite
Golden Taupe
Golden Wave Granite
Golden Wave
 Imperial Coffee Granite
Imperial Coffee
Imperial Gold Granite
Imperial Gold
Ivory Brown Granite
Ivory Brown
Juparana Arandis Granite
Juparana Arandis
Juparana Bordeaux Granite
Juparana Bordeaux
Juparana Classic Granite
Juparana Classic
Juparana Fantasy Granite
Juparana Fantasy
Juparana Fireworks Granite
Juparana Fireworks
Juparana Juliet Granite
Juparana Juliet
Juparana Persa Granite
Juparana Persa
Juparana Tobaco Granite
Juparana Tobaco
 Jurassic Gold Granite
Jurassic Gold
Kodiak Brown Granite
Kodiak Brown
Labrador Granite
Labrador Antique Granite
Labrador Antique
Lapidus Granite
Leopardo Skin Granite
Leopardo Skin
Magma Granite
Manibia Gold Granite
Manibia Gold
Mascarello Granite
Mascarello 2 Granite
Mascarello 2
New Venecian Granite
New Venecian
Paradiso Granite
Penta Gold Granite
Penta Gold
Persa Granite
Persalito Granite
Perseus Granite
Rain Forest Brown Granite
Rain Forest Brown
Royal Brown Granite
Royal Brown
Sandy Gold Granite
Sandy Gold
Santa Cecilia Dark Granite
Santa Cecilia Dark
Santa Cecilia Sunrise Granite
Santa Cecilia Sunrise
Santa Helena Granite
Santa Helena
Sea Sand Brown Granite
Sea Sand Brown
Serengeti Granite
Shaphire Brown Granite
Shaphire Brown
Sharondon Granite
Siena Bordeaux Granite
Siena Bordeaux
Siena Ridge Granite
Siena Ridge
Silver Sparkle Granite
Silver Sparkle
Solarius Granite
Sucuri  Granite
Sunrise Granite
Tan Brown Granite
Tan Brown
Terra Brazil Granite
Terra Brazil
Tobacco Granite
Tropical Brown Granite
Tropical Brown
Twister Granite
Typhoon Gold Granite
Typhoon Gold
Venetian Gold Granite
Venetian Gold
Victoria Granite
Vyara Granite
Vyara Originale Granite
Vyara Originale
Wild Sea Granite
Wild Sea
Alabama White Granite
Alabama White
Almound Mauve Granite
Almound Mauve
Bianco Antico Granite
Bianco Antico
Bianco Antico 2 Granite
Bianco Antico 2
Bianco Antico 3 Granite
Bianco Antico 3
Bianco Romano Granite
Bianco Romano
Bianco Romano 2 Granite
Bianco Romano 2
Bianco Romano Lether Granite
Bianco Romano Lether
Brazilian Arabescato Granite
Brazilian Arabescato
Calacatta Regular Granite
Calacatta Regular
Dallas White Granite
Dallas White
Durango Granite
Kashemere White Granite
Kashemere White
Luna Pearl  Granite
Luna Pearl
Super White Granite
Super White
Tiger Skin Granite
Tiger Skin
White Carrara Granite
White Carrara
White Oyster Granite
White Oyster
Amazonia Granite
Bamboo Green Granite
Bamboo Green
Butterfly Green Granite
Butterfly Green
Green Galaxy Granite
Green Galaxy
Green Glow Granite
Green Glow
Green Marinace Granite
Green Marinace
Key West Gold Granite
Key West Gold
Marinace Granite
Moss Green Granite
Moss Green
Peacock Green Granite
Peacock Green
Pompei Granite
Rain Forest Green Granite
Rain Forest Green
Sea Foam Green Granite
Sea Foam Green
Silver Sea Green Granite
Silver Sea Green
Verde Uba Tuba Granite
Verde Uba Tuba
Amazon Red  Granite
Amazon Red
Bordeaux Terracota Granite
Bordeaux Terracota
Carmen Red Granite
Carmen Red
Dakota Mahogamy Granite
Dakota Mahogamy
Imperial Red Granite
Imperial Red
Multicolor Red Granite
Multicolor Red
Multicolor Rosso Granite
Multicolor Rosso
Red Dragon Granite
Red Dragon
Red Marinace Granite
Red Marinace
Red Rose Granite
Red Rose
Rosewood Granite
Ruby Red Granite
Ruby Red
Amazon Blue Granite
Amazon Blue
Artic Blue Granite
Artic Blue
Barracuda Blue Granite
Barracuda Blue
Blue Australe Granite
Blue Australe
Blue Bahia Granite
Blue Bahia
Blue Carmel Granite
Blue Carmel
Blue Eyes Granite
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Mahogamy Granite
Blue Eyes Mahogamy
Blue Galactica Granite
Blue Galactica
Blue Louise Granite
Blue Louise
Blue Pearl Granite
Blue Pearl
Blue Perola Granite
Blue Perola
Blue Star Granite
Blue Star
Blue Wave Granite
Blue Wave
Ice Blue 1 Granite
Ice Blue 1
Ice Blue 2 Granite
Ice Blue 2
Juparana Wave  Granite
Juparana Wave
Labrador Blue Granite
Labrador Blue
Lagos Blue Granite
Lagos Blue
Palmares Blue  Granite
Palmares Blue
Shaphire Blue Granite
Shaphire Blue
Volga Blue Granite
Volga Blue
Black Canyon Granite
Black Canyon
Black Marinace Gold Granite
Black Marinace Gold
Black Marinace Satinato Granite
Black Marinace Satinato
Black Mosaic Granite
Black Mosaic
Cosmic Black Granite
Cosmic Black
Cosmos  Granite
Starlight Black Granite
Starlight Black
Bocaiuva Granite