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Genuine Stone is one of the rare materials that seems to have transcended the undertow that has cast aside so many others deemed unfashionable or out dated. Despite the world's endless design evolution, natural stone always seems to find its rightful place in building trends.

From the beginning of time, the material's strength, beauty and uniqueness have made it a top choice for building design professionals. Even when design trends make drastic changes over the ages, Genuine Stone has steadily continued to increase its presence in the built environment. Once just a staple for exterior structural use, natural stone has expanded its usage to hardscaping, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and more. And, while many materials' popularity has waxed and waned, industry professionals agree that Genuine Stone has not only held steady as a top choice for design professionals and owners, but also is seeing continued growth in the market.

"Stone has been so successful in terms of being a durable product, one that sort of transcends the trends, and is seen as a classic product that will carry through the lifetime of the given application. Because of these reasons, people have started to use natural stone more. Natural stone will never lose its beauty and value.