Solid Wood Floors

Houston Granite and Flooring provides professional and experienced hardwood floor installation services to both commercial and residential clients. We also install Pre-finished and Un-Finished (otherwise known as Site-Finished) flooring including both solid and engineered types. Our hardwood floor installation team has the skill and experience to tackle almost any job. Our guys do it right the first time. Here at Houston Granite and Flooring we also specialize in "Dustless Sanding & Refinishing" services. Refinishing is the best way for you to maintain the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Our state-of-the-art wood refinishing equipment will help to put that glow back into your hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are a stunning feature almost anywhere in your home and suitable in almost every room from lounges, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, conservatories, and studies.
Other floor covering materials simply can't compare to the natural beauty of hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors outperform and outlast almost any other floor covering material. Hardwood floors are just as easy to care for as any other floor.
Hardwood floors are much like other flooring materials in that there are many different price points. There are inexpensive hardwood floors and there are more costly hardwood floors. But...when you compare the life cycle of hardwood floors versus other floor covering material, then you realize just how inexpensive hardwood floors really are. Most hardwood floors will last a lifetime while the average lifespan of carpet is 7-9 years. So you could replace carpet 3 or 4 times in a 30-year period, while simply maintaining one hardwood floor.
Choosing the right finish for your hardwood floor will enhance its beauty for many years. A finish protects your floor from everyday wear, dirt, and moisture, and provides color and luster that give your floor its own personality.
OIL-BASED URETHANE is the most commonly used floor finish. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin sheens, oil-based urethane is generally applied in two or three coats, with drying time of up to 8 hours for each coat.

WATER-BASED URETHANE provides a clear, non-yellowing finish and produces fewer odors than other choices.
Hardwood floors are just as easy to care for as any other floor covering material. Normal care such as sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and soil is generally all that is required
Hardwood floors can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Solid products can be installed on or above the outside soil line while engineered products can be installed on, above, or below grade, including basements. The only place we  do not recommend hardwood flooring is in wet areas of the bath.


Solid Wood Floors Facts and Questions


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