Prefinished Engineered Wood

What is Engineered Hardwood?

As the name would imply, engineered hardwood is engineered and consisting of many layers. The outer layer is going to show the species of wood that you choose for your floors. It is a thin hardwood veneer laid on top of layers of plywood. Sometimes, the inner layers will consist of either plywood, hardwood, or fiberboard. Whatever the material, the layering aspect of engineered flooring means that you get the beauty of solid hardwood floors in your choice of species, as well as a much more stable and climate-resistant product.

How We Install Engineered Wood Flooring

At Houston Granite and Flooring, we have a team of flooring professionals who will stop at nothing to ensure that they meet your flooring needs. The following are the steps we use to install engineered wood flooring:

  • Accurate measuring of the space that is getting flooring makeover using a tape measure or laser measuring device.
  • Calculating the amount of flooring needed in square feet.
  • Removing the existing flooring
  • Cutting down planks to size to prepare them for installation.
  • Laying down the underlayment necessary to provide soundproof cushioning
  • Actually installation of the already-sized planks.
  • Application of the sealant to the perimeter.
  • Installing the Baseboard

Engineered Wood Baseboard Installation

Baseboards make a room look complete. They also cover the joints between the floors and the walls. For that reason, you can count on Houston Granite and Flooring for baseboard installation to do it as an add-on service.

Engineered Wood Flush Mount Vent Installation

Some buildings have heating and cooling ducts on their floors rather than the ceiling. Installing flush mount vents requires precision cuts and careful layouts to fit perfectly over the cut edges.

When clients prefer a flush mount vent, this will require a professional flooring service. Houston Granite and Flooring is well-versed in flush mount vent installation and can do this for you.

Trusted Engineered Wood Flooring Contractors

If you’re looking for a trusted engineered wood flooring contractor, look no further than Red Machine Flooring. We are the premier engineered wood flooring experts. We are proud members of NWFA and work to ensure your home looks great, using only high-quality materials that increase the sustainability of your flooring and Zero VOC Glue.

Contact us today for an effective engineered wood floor installation